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Roly Capper Motorcycles was established in 1965 by Roly Capper and Ivan Cope. Due to an unfortunate event Roly sadly passed away in 1969 leaving Ivan in charge of the business. During Ivans years in ownership of the company the business saw itself become a honda main dealership aswell as selling pre owned motorcycles. After a few years of being a dealership Ivan decided it wasn’t the right direction for Roly Cappers as a business & stopped being a Honda dealer, instead focusing on repairs & sales in the shop. Jumping forward to 2002 when Ivan sold the company to David Swain, who still owns it to this date.

David Swain has always had a passion for bikes since he was a kid & was a customer of Roly Cappers before purchasing the company. When Dave took over the company he kept the mechanic who was working there at the time (Dave Danks). David Swain worked both as a mechanic and serving customers in the shop until 2013 when Dave Danks retired, at this point Dave Swain had to hire former employee from when Ivan owned the company Martin Heathcote to work in the shop while he focused on M.O.Ts & repairs in the garage. A few years down the line and its 2016 & Roly Cappers is now a dealer for Honley & Keeway aswell as selling used motorbikes, repairing motorbikes, selling parts & accessories. The team has also gained a member as Dave has hired a young adult (Matt) to learn the mechanics side of the business aswell as the shop. Matt has studied at south Cheshire college in light vehicle maintenance and has a level 3 IMI certificate so is well suited for the position. Jump forward to 2017 & the shops in the middle of slight reconstruction as we focus on bringing in some new brands such as Spada Clothing & Nitro Helmets.


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